Hi! I’m Domenic and I’m a

UX/UI Designer & Front-End Developer

I’m an active listener, constant learner, and an early riser. I currently call the city of Tampa home and live with my best pal EmmyGirl. I am now working as a UX/UI lead designer atCitybldr. I have been working as a designer and Front-End Developer for about ten years.

You can view my work on Dribbble or if interested you can purchase my products atCreative Market orAdobe Stock.

Hard Skills

User Experience,User Interface Designer & Front-End Developer

My approach to UX Design is two-fold, company goals and user needs. I want to make sure I understand the company's goal of each project. For the user, we need to understand who our users are and which tasks will be need to be completed to accomplish their goal.

As a UI Designer, I am responsible for taking the UX vision and turning it into reality. My job is to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artifacts and transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces.

Programming is a passion of mine. Over the past few years, I have approached coding as a valuable skill set. Thanks to educational website like TreeHouse andLynda, I've rooted myself solidly in the fundamentals of HTML/CSS and Vanilla Javascript. Learning these languages has allowed me to have meaningful conversations with the front-end team when it comes to product development.

UX ProjectRecent

Sales Property Page - Citybldr App

Spp | Sales Portal Page

I was recently tasked with solving a problem for our sales staff at Citybldr. We have a sales team that currently uses BASE CRM, and although it does a great job, the sales staff didn't have the features or information needed when they made their sales calls. They regularly found themselves jumping from BASE CRM to our database, all while being on a sales call with a prospecting client.

We wanted to create a Sales Property Page (SPP) for our sales staff so they could have all the resources necessary when making sales calls. The goal was to give our sales team access to all the vital information needed. I was responsible for the UI UX of this project.

Front-End DevelopmentRecent

Tony D's Front End Development Site

Tony D's Pizza & Ristorante

Tony D's Pizza and Restaurant approached me back in 2017 about redesigning their website. They were not happy with their website, and they felt the site was dated and also non-responsive. The company's delivery/take out orders had risen to over 50%, and they wanted a website where customers could order easily. They wanted a responsive site since the data showed that about 60% of visits to the site were via mobile/tablet.

The client is pleased with the new website. They are receiving positive feedback from customers. Their analytics show a 20% increase in mobile device views.


Vector Animals

Animal ArtworkVector Artwork

Vector animals is an illustration I created recently for my online shops. I started creating these first in analog then moved to digital. These can be used for scrapbooking, sticker printing, invitations, blog and web design, bibs, onesies, business cards, t-shirt design, mugs, cd covers, flyers, marketing materials, promotional banners, and logos. Each animal vector is handmade and can be fully customized.

Inception Coming Soon HTML/CSS/Javascript Template

InceptionHtml/Css Template

Inception is a modern coming soon/under construction HTML/CSS Template. It is fully responsive, comes with a javascript script timer that can be customized, and an email form for sign-ups. Inception is the perfect coming soon page for your site.

Giving Back

Giving back isn't just a term to me, it's a way of life. I find that it is my civic duty as a member of society. I am more than happy to offer my services for free or make a donation to these charities I align with, dogs, the military service, the sick and elder. My part is tiny compared those who devote their lives to these causes.

One organization I work closely with is BARC. BARC is a non-profit that helps rescue Boxer Dogs. I adopted my dog Emmy from them. A few years ago I organized a charitable event that raised over six thousand dollars for the organization, making this a beautiful day for BARC. I am honored to be a part of this organization.

Flyer created for BARC event


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