UX Case Study

User Experience DesignUser Interface 2018

I was recently tasked with solving a problem for our sales staff. We have a sales team that currently uses BASE CRM, and although it does a great job, the sales staff didn't have the features or information needed when they made their sales calls. They regularly found themselves jumping from BASE CRM to our database, all while being on a sales call with a client. We wanted to create a Sales Property Page (SPP) for our sales staff so they could have all the resources necessary when making sales calls. The goal was to give our sales team access to all the vital information needed. I was responsible for the UI UX of this project.

MacBook Pro Mockup UX Project

The Challenge

We needed to create a sales page using BASE CRM API, our current database and Google Maps. We needed to create a quick reference page so when our sales team made prospecting calls they had all the tools necessary to have a successful sales call.

UX Project KickOff

We start every project with a kickoff. The first meeting involves all stakeholders, project managers, and users. Although stakeholders and project managers are vital, the success of the project relied on our users (sales team). We needed to make sure we listened to their concerns about what features they were looking for and what elements they felt were not necessary. After meeting with the sales team and key stakeholders, we moved into the research aspect of the UX process. We researched CRM software like SalesForce and other CRM software. The issue we faced immediately was we were creating something new, we had visual references of CRM UI but not with all the features we were using and going to add to the page. We had to keep digging.


After the research stage, I move to sketches. I find the approach of pencils before pixels is the easiest way to ideate and iterate. Sketching allows me to get feedback quickly and get revisions to the users immediately. Failing often and rapidly will enable us to work out ideas that will not work and gets us closer to a solution. I find sketching my favorite part of the UX process.


We found this to be a very successful project. Our sales staff is now armed with the pertinent information needed when making sales calls. They were able to answer all homeowner questions with accuracy in real time. They didn't need to jump back and forth from BASE CRM to a database. The information is now provided in a clean and palatable way. The sales team is more efficient on their sales call. The project created an increase in GMV (Gross Market Value) which is very good for the company. The SPP project was an excellent win for the company and feedback from the sales team and CEO has been overwhelmingly positive.

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